Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Every home is unique and because of the wide variety of room sizes and shapes, we custom price each job for you. Because of this, we are always happy to provide a free, no obligation estimate.  

Transparency is our goal and rest assured, we will never start work until you have approved the cost of all of the services. 

Our pricing structure for carpet cleaning is calculated on a square-footage price. This is more advantageous for you, the customer, since you are only paying for the areas we actually clean, and not for areas underneath beds, couches, bookcases, etc., as in “price per room” pricing models. Until we see your areas, we can’t give you an exact price, but as an example, a typical-sized living room, hallway and two bedrooms can range from approximately $250 to $350. Additional services such as fiber protectant or refresheners will increase the price.

Upholstery cleaning is based on the same pricing model and is determined by the type of fabric your furniture is covered in. Prices range from $20 to $35 per lineal foot. As an example, a standard 7-foot sofa covered in ultrasuede fabric would be $140 to be professionally cleaned.

Why should I hire you?

When you hire us, you will be getting a friendly service provider with decades of knowledge, top-of-the-line equipment and the very best cleaning solutions all at a great price – WHAT A DEAL!

We’ve been cleaning carpets and upholstery for decades and we have gained mastery in everything from stain removal to odor control and much more. We know the proper cleaning techniques for every kind of fiber and fabric on the market and with our experience in flooring sales, we have additional background knowledge of the manufacturing techniques the industry uses, as well as the warranties they offer on their products. This can help you feel confident that you won’t be inadvertently voiding your warranty on your carpets and furnishings.

Knowledge of the ph scale and acid/alkaline balance, including the properties of cleaning solutions and their appropriate dilution levels is critical to success. In fact, due to our well-known, specialized expertise in this area, we are often called out to fix jobs that have been botched by less experienced cleaners. 

We’ve also worked in disaster cleanup and while we don’t offer these services at this time, we are knowledgeable about mold remediation and flood damage and can offer our opinion in certain circumstances. 

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